Milford Manor

Milford Manor was built by George Armytage in the 1830”s. It is built of sandstone block in the Georgean style of architecture. Although George Armytage was granted 500 acres at Bagdad in 1817 it wasn’t until around 1822 that he and his wife moved to his Bagdad property. Michael Howe the bushranger visited the farm and stole $300 worth of goods. In 1826 he was granted an additional 1000 acres. He also built one of the colony’s first flour mills nearby on the bank of the Bagdad Rivulet. Because of the poor supply of water during the summertime he also built a steam mill. However it is likely that by the end of the 1850’s the mill was no longer working. Milford Manor was also known as “News Inn,” which was visited by Cash the bushranger in 1844, but he failed to find $500 hidden there. Armytage kept “ The Saracens Head” hotel which was situated nearby. By 1847 Milford estate consisted of 4,000 acres and numerous buildings.

In 1861 the property was offered for sale and was shown that it had been leased to George Bisdee for some time. In 1878 the property was again for sale and it was stated that for many years it had been occupied by A.Finley and was then by Mr. E. Gaf. Mr. F. F. Butler also lived in the Milford homestead for some years. In more recent times it was noted that a transfer was made by A. E. Bennett to Stanley Arthur and Brenda Olive Eddington in 1961. In 1968 the property was transferred to Beven and Wendy Johnson, who undertook much needed repairs and restoration, which included the removal of the kitchen, bakehouse and scullery on the northern end of the house. The stone from this was reused to build a new kitchen at the back. 

The Wootton family bought the property in about 1980. The present owners, Kevin and Lyn Rayner, purchased Milford Manor around 1984 and have continued the restoration and repairs. They have added a magnificent front fence, driveway and lovely gardens.