Cornelian Hill

The name "Cornelian Hill" was given to this property because of the Cornelian stones to be found there. This Georgian convict sandstone house was probably built in stages starting around 1837 with four main rooms - two living rooms downstairs with two large bedrooms and a smaller room above. Next, two wings were added which formed a central courtyard, on one side was a kitchen and dining room, while on the other, two more rooms. Finally the building was enclosed and roofed over to create an additional living room downstairs and a wide central hall with large, beautifully proportioned bedrooms above.

It is unclear who actually built the house but the original grantees (as trustees) of 275 acres were Thomas Reynolds (of Bay of Fires) and William Hodgson (of Richmond). They were both farmers. On 30th Sept. 1845, John (b 27-10-1804) and Charlotte Fisher purchased the property. They had a daughter Emily (1837 - 1903). John was a carpenter and joiner and built many places in Hobart including "Wellington Grange" Hobart (now St. John's Hospital) where he died on 8-7-1884. The Fishers were granted 85 acres in Sandy Bay, now known as Fisher Ave. In 1877 the property was sold to William Webb (b1815). He was an overseer at Strathbarton; he also leased the "Oakwood" estate of 1100 acres then retired to Cornelian Hill. He died on 14-10-1885. On 6th May1887 the ownership of Cornelian Hill was transferred to Edwin John Webb, (William's son) who was born on the 12-12-1849 at Bothwell. He married Sarah Fisher on 23-9-1870 and died at Bagdad of pneumonia. He was buried at St Marks, Pontville 3-10-1899. Sarah Fisher was born 25-6-1846 and died 21-10-1924. She apparently changed executors of her Will five times while living at “Cornelian Hill”.  

16th Jan.1936 Frances Alberta Fisher (widow of Edwin William Fisher) transferred ownership to Clarence Russell Eddington who was born on 15-3-1890 and died in 1946, aged 56. He enlisted for WW1 while living at home at Glen Avon, Bagdad. It is not known when Marcus Temple Brodribb and Mary McGouth Brodribb purchased Cornelian Hill, but on 25th Nov.1964 they sold the property to Philip and Margaret McShane for 23,000 pounds, (485 acres on 3 titles).

On 8th Dec.1972 ownership was transferred to Peter Felix Sattler and Richard Sattler for $58,200. (339 acres + 62 acres). They also sold some of the land. In 1980 John and Julie Davidson purchased the property and made extensive renovations to the home. On 28th Feb.1991, ownership was transferred to Stephen and Sarah Quartermain, who put in a swimming pool. (9.8140 Ha). 17th Sept.1996 - Quartermain to Barcellona. 8th.Nov.2001 - Barcellona to Moen-Frith and Brown. 8th Nov. 2003 - Moen-Frith and Brown to Craig and Christine Knight, the present owners.


Since the lowering of the highway in the early 1970's, “Cornelian Hill” homestead cannot be seen clearly while driving by. However a look through the trees, especially when travelling north, will allow you to glimpse another example of the fine workmanship of the tradesmen who built so many beautiful houses and outbuildings in the Bagdad and Mangalore area. “Cornelian Hill” homestead today is a spacious family home surrounded by lovely gardens, beautiful old trees and pasture.